With your donations, we make a huge difference to hundreds of lives every year. Thank you all.

Make a donation to dog::links

[dog::links is registered as a not-for-profit association (loi de 1901) in France, n° W122004359]

Who donates?

I am often approached by people who would like to give a donation to help the dogs – in many cases because they themselves are not in a position to give a dog a home or perhaps are not in France. Nonetheless, people want to help; and a donation can help facilitate the re-homing of a dog in so many ways. It’s easy and very safe to do through PayPal but if you would like some help please let me know.

Where does the money go?

Sometimes a special home is in another part of France. I have a network of generous people I can call on who are prepared to travel long distances for just the cost of fuel and tolls.

Veterinary fees and refuge fees
Occasionally, if I can afford to pay vet and refuge fees, it helps find homes for dogs that might otherwise be left behind or overlooked or worse. We see too many dogs in refuges become ill and even die – from diseases such as Parvo Virus – as a result of parasite infestations which attack their (sometimes already fragile) systems.

Another very important issue is sterilisation. It is costly, of course, and dogs are often denied the chance of a good home if they cannot be sterilised first. And with a steady flow of dogs to a veterinary practice, we can persuade vets to lower their sterilisation fees a little if they know we are paying with funds donated through dog::links.

With extra cash, we can bulk order tick/flea treatments and wormers for those that need them.

After you donate…

All money received is used to fund the services above.

I cover my own administrative costs; so everything you donate goes directly to help the dogs.

All donations are anonymous, unless you specifically request otherwise. I will advise my readers and helpers – here on this blog – where your money is going and will keep you up-to-date as often as I can.

We know the good it can do and we see the difference it can make. Thank you all so much for your support.



  1. I have seen your article on French Entree and I would like to offer you a free listing in the AngloFILE directory – we are the new franchisees of the Midi Pyrenees site which will be launched at the end of August.

    Could you let me have all relevant information relating to your association i.e. contact name, address, phone numbers, e-mail etc. so I can make the entry.

    If you have events or activities planned, I can put these on the What’s On guide as well and get your name out to more people. If you have a mailing list, could I be added to that please?


  2. Just received two Doglinks calenders ( a bit late I know!!) they are lovely, especially as February has a picture of Ursa, the little Griffon we fostered last year and who with the help of Doglinks was adopted. Well worth the money.

  3. I would like to foster dogs ASAP!

    I have recently moved to a village near Souillac & Brive in the Midi-Pyrinees and I have a big garden and 2 very friendly little dogs of my own – a Yorkshire terrier who I inherited from a family member and a papillon cross who I adopted from a rescue shelter in London, both male, both neutered and fully vaccinated. I also worked at a rescue shelter for 14 months in 2009-2010 and am well practised in caring for dogs with issues and ailments.

    I would be willing to foster any dogs that are compatible with other dogs, regardless of size or age (though I am more experienced with smaller dogs), and who enjoy longs walks / runs near the banks of the Dordogne river.

    Please advise me on what to do next to get the foster process started.

    I hope I can be of some help.



  4. After having looked at your list of dogs for adoption I am sitting in floods of tears. I have had dogs all my life and I’m horrified at the things people do to them. My dogs are my children and I love them with every bit of my heart. I have moved to Normandy very recently, I am in the middle of a renovation. I have 2 acres of land which will be fenced in once the renovation is complete. I have a 12 year old standard poodle but sadly lost my other standard last year at the age of 14. Once the renovations are complete and garden secure I would be more than happy to offer foster accommodation for your dogs if you find me suitable. I am so impressed by your work and only wish I could help you more, you are amazing people! Warmest regards Victoria

  5. Another productive morning at the Bayley household, out with the boys (Dylan, Cash & Gamin (now Gaz)….All having a good time in the sun …Did some training with Gaz & wow, yet again he jumped up & he put his 2 front feet on me for a treat, not something I would encourage normally , but in his case it’s fabulous as he trusts me enough to touch me…. I am over the moon with him ..Every step is a victory !!!
    Au revoir from Brittany xx

  6. Update..Gaz is now coming into the house & has got as far as the stairs…he licks my fingers & is just acting like a dog…he is relaxed & happy….still along way to go but he will get there….He says hi to Janet & mum says she will try to get a piccie to doglinks asap

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